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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Vento Phantom Scooter link post

This post will become a permanent part of my blog and have a link added to the front page as I get it implemented. On this page, my plan is to put a link to every scooter post as it goes up on the front page. If you are a visitor to Wasted Electrons and leave a comment in a post from the past, please email me so I'm aware of your visit. Updates as they occur.

Speaking of scooters
Sure glad i bought a Phantom last year
Phantom performance quandry
I bought a jacket
More Phantom "Improvements"
July Scooter Updates
101 miles, 1.157 Gallons
Scooter mileage update
I'm really happy with my Phantom- finally!
Another blogging scooter rider!
There's another Phantom!
The Phantom is really getting better!
Scooter Parts!
More Phantom Stuff- Good News This Time
Vento now telling buyers they received "knock offs"!
When fishing boats attack!
Vento Phantom Exhaust Pipe Update
Me? Easy weekend, how about you?
The scooter's working!
School's out, the scooter runs, spring is here!
Phantom scooter updates
My scooter parts have arrived!
My Vento Phantom is getting bigger!
I've become a scooter consumer advocate
Vento Phantom Update
Vento Phantom scooter engine sizes revisited
My first scooter convert!
Regarding the Vento Scooter misrepresentation
My most visited post ever-
Vento Phantom R4i scooters are 125cc!
90 miles today, 1.03 gallons!
Still doing my part to support Scootersdirect2U...
Scooter purchase is Imminent!
My Scooter Choices- Feedback Wanted
Hey, scooter guy, check this out!
More fun with Scootersdirect2u!
Of Mountain Bikes and Motor Scooters
More weekend fun
More Scooter Shopping-
Something completely different- Scooters!

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